Superior TPE Class VI Biopharmaceutical Tubing from the Industry Innovators at WHK BioSystems.  

 WHK Headquarters, Clearwater, Florida

WHK Headquarters, Clearwater, Florida

We developed C-Flex®* into the most recognized name in TPE single-use biopharmaceutical tubing until we sold the brand in 2007. We offer you our superior TPE Class VI biotubing, caps, and stoppers as well as our new TubeCube™ tubing connector system at great prices while providing you the excellent service you deserve.   

Superior Class VI Tubing.  Whether you need TPE tubing for testing biopharm products, single-use assemblies, manifolds, research, general lab use, peristaltic tubing, or a world of other applications, we've got you covered.  Our TPE Class VI tubing meets all biopharmaceutical requirements.  It's flexible,  sterilizable, weldable and moldable.  It's Gamma and ETO compatible, silicone oil-free, meets USP <88> Class VI, is UV protected, animal derived component free (ADCF), Phthalate-free, BPA-free, REACH and RoHS compliant, as well as ASTM and ANSI compliant with a three (3) year shelf life. Check out our Tubing Specifications.  

Fully Validated.  Our tubing is fully validated. A complete Validation Package is available upon request, so re-validation to replace your current TPE Class VI tubing should be a breeze!  Check out the Final GLP Report on our Class VI Test.  We're ISO 13485 Certified.

TubeCube™ Tubing Connector System. Come Together.™

WHK’s TubeCube™ Tubing Connector System is a new way to join different sizes of C-Flex®, PharMed®, silicone and TPE tubing, all in just one step.* Manifolds and assemblies in just 4 - 6 weeks!  Get the strength of overmolding without the overmolded price.  Click Here to Learn More!

Manifolds and Assemblies in Weeks, NOT Months!  Tired of being told lead times of 14 to 16 weeks for your manifolds and assemblies?  Depending on complexity, quantity and availability of parts, our lead times are usually between 4 to 6 weeks from receipt of P.O. and final approval of drawings. 

Great Prices on Tubing, Caps, Stoppers and Connectors!  Compare our prices for 25 foot sections of our water-clear coiled TPE tubing. In many cases, we're over 30% lower! Need a different length?  No problem, just contact us.  Want to save even more?  Check out the huge savings on our spooled tubing.  It's all in stock and ready to ship today.  Best of all, you're getting better, clearer tubing and real savings from biopharmaceutical tubing professionals. Tired of paying a fortune for overmolded connections on your assemblies?  Check out our revolutionary TubeCube Tubing Connector System.  It's so unique, it's Patent Pending! The same goes for our bottle caps and stoppers.   

Clearly Superior TPE Class VI Tubing.    

  The TPE tubing on the left is what our competitor calls "clear" tubing.&nbsp; Seriously?&nbsp;&nbsp;Compare it to our "water-clear" TPE tubing on the right.&nbsp;We're Clearly Superior!

The TPE tubing on the left is what our competitor calls "clear" tubing.  Seriously?  Compare it to our "water-clear" TPE tubing on the right. We're Clearly Superior!

"Water-Clear" Tubing.  A Clear Difference...  

Our TPE single-use Class VI tubing is "Water-Clear."  Look at the photo to the left. Compare our TPE tubing on the right to the "Clear" tubing offered by our competitor on the left. Put our tubing side-by-side with what you're currently using.  You'll see for yourself that our TPE tubing is clearly superior.  If high performance, water-clear tubing is important for your application, then our TPE single-use Class VI tubing is your best choice.  

Want a FREE SAMPLE of our TPE Class VI Tubing?  Click Here.

Want more information?  Call us at 855-WHK-BIO1 (855-945-2461) or 727-209-8404 or e-mail us here.

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*C-Flex® and PharMed® are federally registered trademarks of Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics Corp. (SGPPC). WHK BioSystems, LLC is not endorsed, sponsored or affiliated with SGPPC.

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