The TubeCube™ Revolution Has Begun!

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Biotubing manifold assemblies have become an industry standard. Tubing is connected either end-to-end or in a branched form, like a “cross”, “Y” or a “T.”  Plastic connectors are used to connect the tubing, but can cause leaks at the point of connection.  Crimp-on fittings are also used, but they require special tools and have met with mixed success.  Production of these assemblies is time consuming and labor intense while quality is inconsistent.    

Overmolded manifold assemblies are another option, but the production process is expensive, labor intense and requires costly molds.  Additionally, the process dictates the length of tubing that can be used between tubing ‘drops’.  It’s time for something better, simpler, and truly revolutionary.  It’s time for the TubeCube™ Tubing Connector System.

How Does it Work?

WHK’s TubeCube™ Tubing Connector System (Patent Pending) is composed of cubes that serve as connection points in tubing assemblies and manifolds.  Each cube is composed of two sections that we call shells, a top and a bottom.  We mold the shells out of USP Class VI polypropylene.  A tapered end is molded onto the end of each tube.  Then, the desired tube sizes (or a simple plug) are inserted into the bottom shell. There's no need for step-down connections with different sizes of tubing. The two shell sections are then screwed together, securing the connection. The tapered ends come together within the cube, making a virtually leak-proof seal, forming the fluid path and providing a smooth inner bore with unrestricted flow.

What are the Advantages of the Tube Cube™ Tubing Connector System?

  • Get the strength of overmolding without the overmolded price!
  • No need for step-down connections when joining different sizes of tubing.
  • Use any length of tubing you desire between connections – absolutely no restrictions.
  • Smooth inner bore provides unrestricted flow of material through the connections.
  • Smooth inner bore minimizes turbulence.
  • Fewer connections mean fewer chances for contamination and leaks.
  • No need for additional validations when using our TPE tubing since same material used for tapered end.   
  • All products assembled and packaged in a Class 10,000 Clean Room.
  • Shorter turn-around time between order and shipping.

What Tubing is Used to Make the TubeCube™ Tubing Connector System?

Our WHK Class VI bioparmaceutical tubing is used in our TubeCube Tubing Connector System. It meets all biopharmaceutical requirements.  It's flexible, sterilizable, weldable and moldable.  It's Gamma and ETO compatible, silicone oil-free, meets USP <88> Class VI, is UV protected, animal derived component free (ADCF), Phthalate-free, BPA-free, REACH and RoHS compliant, as well as FDA, ASTM and ANSI compliant. And when you use our tubing, the tapered ends of the tubing sections and caps are made from the same material, so there's no need for additional validations. 

Sounds Great, What’s the Next Step?

Want to reduce of the costs of your assemblies?  Send us a drawing and we’ll respond promptly with a ‘no-obligation’ quote. Have a new project in the works?   We’re ready when you are. 

TubeCube. Think Inside the Box.

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