Tubing Specs: 

Compare our water clear tubing to any TPE single-use Class VI tubing product out there.  You'll see that we're Clearly Superior!  We stock our TPE single-use Clear 65A Class VI tubing in 6 sizes of 25 ft coils, and spools between 100 and 1,000 feet, depending on the tubing size selected.

  • 0.125"ID x 0.250"OD x 0.062"Wall 
  • 0.188"ID x 0.313"OD x 0.062"Wall 
  • 0.250"ID x 0.375"OD x 0.062"Wall
  • 0.250"ID x 0.500"OD x 0.125"Wall
  • 0.375"ID x 0.625"OD x 0.125"Wall
  • 0.500"ID x 0.750"OD x 0.125"Wall     

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Class VI Test - USP GLP

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Full Validation Package available upon request. All tubing products are shipped by UPS in individual cartons, labeled and poly bagged.  Three (3) year shelf life.

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